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The Best Father/Daughter Real Estate Team In Northern California, Serving Silicon Valley & Surrounding Areas




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Why it make sense to work with Jim Galli and Katie Galli if you are a buyer:


1) Both Jim and Katie are Real Estate Brokers licensed in California.  The rules for obtaining a Real Estate Broker's license are much stricter than those for obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson's license.  For example, there are more classes and more experience in the industry required before one is even allowed to apply to become a Broker.  Likewise, successfully passing the state exam requires much more knowledge than that required to pass the Salesperson's exam.


2) Jim has over 28 years of Real Estate Experience.  Katie has over 8 years of Real Estate experience, but has the equivalent knowledge of many agents who have been practicing for 20 or more years because, as Jim's daughter, Real Estate has always been a part of her life. There is no substitute for experience. Following is a glimpse at some of the real estate properties that Jim and Katie have sold where they have represented buyers:


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3) You have two extremely qualified Real Estate Brokers working for you rather than just one Real Estate Agent.


4) Jim and Katie see more properties on a weekly basis than most other Realtors.  They faithfully attend weekly "Broker Tours" (equivalent of seeing open houses that are typically set up for only Real Estate Agents to view).  On those "Broker Tours" Jim and Katie are looking at many different neighborhoods, price ranges, styles of homes, etc.  They, therefore, have an accumulation of knowledge which allows them to represent a $10,000,000 buyer just as easily as being able to represent a $500,000 buyer and every other buyer in any price range.


5) Jim and Katie personally know the majority of active Realtors in Silicon Valley.


6) Jim and Katie are knowledgeable about many towns and cities and have successfully sold numerous homes throughout several counties.  In contrast, many Realtors only specialize in a specific neighborhood or particular town. Folowing are given cities and towns where Jim and Katie have successfully sold Real Estate:

  • Aptos
  • Belmont
  • Campbell
  • Cupertino
  • Los Altos
  • Los Altos Hills
  • Los Gatos
  • Menlo Park
  • Millbrae
  • Milpitas
  • Mountain View
  • Palo Alto
  • Redwood City
  • Redwood Shores
  • Portola Valley
  • San Bruno
  • San Jose
  • Santa Clara
  • Saratoga
  • Stockton
  • Sunnyvale
  • Woodside


7) Jim and Katie are the ones with whom you actually work.  They are responsible for writing up their own paperwork and do not delegate important tasks like generating an offer or negotiating a contract to mediocre team players.  They are actively involved from start to finish.


8) Jim and Katie do a very minimal amount of advertising to obtain clients because, typically, 90% or more of their clients are referred to them from past clients.  They, therefore, are much more diligent and conscientious to make sure that their current clients are successful and have excellent service because they know that if their current clients are happy that they will become repeat clients in the future and also recommend Jim and Katie to their family members, business associates, and friends for any real estate needs. 


9) Jim and Katie really love working with people.  They find it rewarding to learn all about peoples' lives.  Jim and Katie appeal to both male and female clients, all age groups, all ethnicities, religious affiliations, etc.  Some people naturally gravitate toward a male or female or a younger person or an older person.  With Jim and Katie, if you tend to gravitate toward one or the other of them there is no problem because they are all about making things flow smoothly for their clients.


10) Jim and Katie are extremely competitive and yet also excellent team players.  Jim has excelled in many sports and hobbies such as:  Swimming, Basketball, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Guitar.  Katie has excelled in such things as Volleyball, Badminton, Math, Counseling Teenagers.


11) Jim and Katie are very knowledgeable about building and remodeling.  They have first hand experience.  Over the years, they have worked with numerous builders, developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, city planners, etc.


12) Jim and Katie are very creative and have successfully come up with solutions for their clients.  Such ideas as creative financing, equity sharing, 1031 exchanges, utilizing Proposition 60 and 90, and more... have all been successfully implemented over the years.