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The Best Father/Daughter Real Estate Team In Northern California, Serving Silicon Valley & Surrounding Areas

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Thank you, Heidi Flaherty, for allowing us to share your letter of recommendation which is displayed below:

To future clients of Team Galli,

I am writing this letter to let you know I've had three extremely successful real estate transactions with Team Galli and feel fortunate to have had such expert counsel.

I first met Jim Galli in 1996 when I wanted to buy my first home. I wanted to buy the first home we toured. Did I mention I was inexperienced? Jim suggested we visit more homes to be sure, which was great advice to avoid any doubt later in life. I toured other homes and decided to make an offer on the first one, which was new construction in Mountain View. Jim guided me through the process and negotiated several contract terms which paid off handsomely for me when the project ran behind schedule. I lived there happily with three dogs and a new husband over 16 years.

Then, earlier this year, my husband and I decided to move up the Peninsula to get some more land and to get closer to my workplace in San Francisco. I looked up Jim Galli and he had recently added Katie Galli to his team. Jim determined what type of home we wanted and showed us many homes while Katie was in the process of developing a stunning video of our home in Mountain View for marketing purposes. Team Galli guided us through the process by setting our expectations, explaining what step would come next, providing counsel on bidding strategies, explaining various market forces on real estate values, and making suggestions on how to make our home show well. Team Galli connected us with a local lender who qualified us to buy the new property before selling the existing property, which removed some stresses from the move process. Net/net, we believe we paid a fair price for our new home in Emerald Hills, and Jim ensured we could get the deal done without a lot of haggling because we value our time first and foremost.

We then sold our home in Mountain View after less than two weeks on the market. Not only was it a good price (3.5 times what I paid 16 years earlier!), but it was an all cash offer which simplified the deal, again without a lot of haggling, which we really appreciate. If a client enjoyed the negotiation process more than my husband and I do, I'm certain Team Galli's bidding and selling strategies would shift to accommodate that client. Jim and Katie are understated real estate agents who are motivated to complete each transaction within their client's comfort zone.

I'm not sure how Team Galli does it, but they made us feel like we were their only client. I know they do a lot of business because they are on the Top 100 agents in the Silicon Valley list this year, so we know we were among many lucky clients with whom Team Galli worked this year. I guess it's just the mark of a successful team.

If you get the chance to buy or sell a home with Team Galli, take it. You won't be sorry.

Happy house hunting,
Heidi Flaherty
(written from the beautiful deck of our new home overlooking the San Francisco Bay)

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**B3** = Represented both Buyer(s) and Seller(s)

The letter from Heidi Flaherty, which is displayed above, is a good example of what Jim and Katie strive for in their daily real estate business. It is their objective to provide excellent real estate service to their clients. As a result of that excellent service, care, and attention to detail, Jim and Katie's clients are very loyal and continually recommend Jim and Katie to their respective family, friends, and business associates. This truly is the foundation for the majority of Jim and Katie's business each year.

When looking, on this page, at the sampling of homes sold by the Gallis, please observe the number of times that Jim and Katie have represented the same clients on more than one occasion. This is the ultimate compliment in real estate, and a very real indicator of customer satisfaction.

The Gallis are no strangers to selling homes throughout the bay area. They can work just as easily with a buyer as they can with a seller. As you can see, they have sold real estate in: Aptos, Belmont, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stockton, Sunnyvale, Woodside. On average, Jim and Katie are consistently viewing anywhere from 30 to 60 homes per week. They are two of a very small number of Silicon Valley real estate agents who diligently go on the various real estate broker tours (open houses for realtors). It is the accumulation of seeing so many properties week after week that assists them in being so knowledgeable about the Silicon Valley real estate market.

Another interesting observation that can be made about the Gallis is their diversification. They have sold real estate ranging in value from $7,000,000 to $100,000 and just about every price class in between. They treat every property as if it was a multi-million dollar value because they know that, generally, the given property being bought or sold is usually a client's biggest single asset. They also have tremendous experience in selling the different classes of properties: single family homes, condos, town houses, PUDs, Duplexes, Tri-plexes, and land.

Jim and Katie have experience, knowledge, and a complete devotion to customer care. You will be in good hands to choose them to work for you pertaining to your real estate needs!